Free Webinar on Mass Spectrometric Immunoaffinity Assay (MSIA)

The Journal of Applied Bioanalysis presents in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA) this FREE webinar.


Bioanalysis of small and large proteins in biological matrices comes with challenges. Scientists need to utilize workflows that will enable them to separate analytes from their biological samples to achieve improved selectivity, reproducibility, sensitivity, and dynamic range.

In this webinar, the following information will be discussed:

  • Application of a workflow solution known as Mass Spectrometric Immunoaffinity Assay (MSIA™) for the analysis of insulin and monoclonal antibody.
  • Automation of sample processing and analysis using LC-MS.
  • Reduced background leading to improved reproducibility, selectivity, and sensitivity compared to solid phase extraction and beads.
  • Quantitation of intact proteins and peptides.

 Learning Topics:

  • Understanding challenges in analysis of biological molecules.
  • Overcoming challenges associated with biomolecules analysis.
  • Utilizing automated workflow solutions to increase sample throughput.
  • Optimizing LC-MS for quantitation of biomolecules.


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