Instrumental technologies used in OMICS

Recently, in collaboration with the Journal of Applied Bioanalysis invited scientists working the field of OMICS to join a survey on OMICS and Multi-OMICs analysis in Biomedical Applications.

The survey showed a great diversity of instrumental technologies, type of biological sample, current main challengfes and many more interesting results.

Today, we’ll present the first survey results.

Not surprisingly, are mass spectrometry and separation sciences, mainly LC-MS still the most applied in the research of OMICS, whereas 7% of the LC-MS are 1D and 8 % are 2D applications.

Remarkable is the rise of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) in OMICS (6 %) demonstrationg that in the survey group NMR is almost equal frequently used as 1D-LC.

More survey results will be presented later on this blog.

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