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You want to publish your recently written article in an Open Access journal and you found out that the journal charges you Article Processing Charges, also well known as APC. What possibilities you have to pay for your APC since publishers do want you to pay the APC out of your own pocket. There are sources of funding available that authors can use to cover APC.

So you have decided to publish your latest paper in an open access journal. Who will cover the cost of your publication and how is coverage done? It is not uncommon that OA journals charge APC.

What is APC?

APC is a fee, which has to be paid to publish an article in a journal. This fee will cover the cost of publishing and making your article free to read and download online for everybody.

The moment you decided to publish in an APC charging OA journal you might have different ways to cover the APC of your article.

1). Pay it from your own pocket, although that was not the meaning for setting up this blog. You might be one of a few students having a substantially filled wallet.

2) You could check out if the publisher has a fee waiver policy. Serious OA publishers waive fees for authors based in so-called low-income countries. Some also have even additional waivers available. Contact the journal in case of need of more information.

3) If you are not eligible for a waiver, then ask your librarian if the institution you are working at has a fund for paying APCs (open access fund).

4) Many times within the budget of the project you are working on there are funds for covering APCs, and some projects even require publishing articles in an open access journal, so there might be plenty possibilities for APC coverage in your project grant. If it is not, remember to include in future project proposal a budget for coverage of APC.

5) Many countries has developed an open access policy at a national level. Central funding institutions are willing to cover the costs of open access publishing for all articles written by researchers. So, visit the website of your national central funding institutions to find out or contact them for more information, they are very willing to help you on this issue.

6). Check our APC waiver policy here

7).Download the APC Waive Application form here

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